Closure Council

Chair: Ian Thomson, Winterhawk Well Abandonment Ltd.
Vice-Chair: Russel Orcutt, Summit, An Earth Services Company
Staff Contact: Gurpreet Lail


Next meeting: Tuesday, November 22, 2022 @ 9:00 am (via video-conference)

Council Objectives: 

To provide a forum for member companies who work in the closure space to:

  1. Grow the industry spend on closure work by demonstrating a closure ROI that improves corporate health;
  2. Facilitate consortium partnerships;
  3. Collaborate to develop, test, and implement new technology and best practices;
  4. Leverage the Enserva platform to translate this message to industry stakeholders. Examples include:
    • Generating and distributing ABC cost reduction case studies;
    • Collaborating with the finance community to detail the impact of closure work and ARO reduction on financial risk assessments, borrowing capacities, and A&D; and
    • Working with regulators to establish further closure incentive programs.

Minutes of Meeting of:


For more information or to join this council, please email Gurpreet Lail at