Why become a Member?

For more than four decades, Enserva has worked tirelessly to provide a unified voice on behalf of our energy services members to effectively lobby producers, governments and the public.

Today, our focus remains on the four key functions that benefit our members most: advocacy, knowledge, communication and leadership.


  • Save time, effort and money through Enserva’s proactive and targeted lobbying efforts to resolve member issues with energy producers, and with local, provincial and federal government agencies and departments.
  • Advise Enserva about your issues and concerns and we will discuss them on your behalf with government agencies and industry associations, including:
    • Alberta Energy Regulator (AER)
    • Natural Resources Canada
    • Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers (CAPP)
    • Canadian Association of Energy Contractors (CAOEC)
    • Workers’ Compensation Boards
    • Energy Safety Canada
    • Provincial government departments


  • Stay current on regulatory changes through Enserva’s seminars, workshops and conferences.
  • Access important data with members-only preferred rates for top-quality market analysis and research documents, including the Canadian Oilfield Services Activity Forecast, Well Cost Study, Total Compensation Survey and more. [new links]
  • Reduce your professional development costs with members-only preferred pricing for Enserva events, including the annual Oilfield Services Activity Forecast Session, Industry Insights, Speaker Series and more.


  • Connect with your industry by discussing current issues with representatives from other member companies through our active network of standing and sectorial councils [link to Councils page] and industry events. [link to Events page]
  • Make use of up-to-date information, insight and industry opportunities through Enserva’s regular publications.
  • Promote your company cost-effectively at Enserva seminars, luncheons, conferences, and events.


  • Increase your leadership profile through active participation on Enserva’s standing and sectorial councils
  • Step to the forefront of your industry by aligning your company with other Enserva members, all leaders in the energy service, supply and manufacturing sector.
  • Join the leading industry safety initiative with a Certificate of Recognition (COR), a requirement for all Enserva Core members.

Who are our members?

Enserva represents a broad number of people and organizations in the energy services, supply, and manufacturing sector.

Enserva members range from independent contractors to large multi-national service companies with locations across Canada and around the world.

The products and services provided by Enserva members include cementing, drilling, drilling fluids, environmental services, equipment rentals, industry supplies, manufacturing, perforating, pipelines, production testing, safety equipment and services, site-remediation, snubbing, trucking, well servicing, wireline and more.

Enserva members are listed in the Membership Directory.