Policy & Advocacy

Enserva is dedicated to advocating on behalf of its members.

Enserva represents energy services, supply, and manufacturing sector’s interests with governments, ranging from indigenous economic reconciliation, labour, health and safety, transportation, closure and liability, ESG, cleantech and more.

Through collaborative advocacy, we work with industry stakeholders to establish direction on policies impacting our sector. We give policymakers and decision-makers the information they need to formulate policies that create and sustain a healthy business climate for our members. We aim to incorporate indigenous engagement.

Enserva’s core advocacy objective is to give the energy services, supply and manufacturing sector a strong and equal voice at current and new decision-making tables. This will ensure that governments and stakeholders understand who we are, what the sector’s priorities are, and give our members access to solutions that address their needs. Check out Enserva’s advocacy road map today to see what’s on our advocacy agenda.

We are the voice of Canada’s energy services, supply and manufacturing sector. We are the energy behind the energy.