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Going International

With activity levels in Canada at lows not seen in decades, now may be the time to seek new opportunities abroad, to investigate the best opportunities, develop strategy, and plan.

Canada’s Exportable Expertise: Promote Your Company to International Markets

Canadian Energy Export Guide and Database

BDC Resources

Growing in International Markets: A Guide for Entrepreneurs: Check out BDC’s eBook for a step-by-step guide to entering international markets, which answers 3 important questions:

  • Is my company ready to expand internationally?
  • What’s the best market for my product or service?
  • How do I plan for a successful market entry?

Enserva – CGEF Partnership

Enserva and the Canadian Global Exploration Forum (CGEF) have a long-standing partnership whereby both associations communicate and collaborate on international oil and gas development and opportunities for Canadian companies. Through this partnership, Enserva and CGEF are able to provide even more value to our collective members through the publication of reports and sharing of information and business intelligence to all members. For more information about Enserva and CGEF collaboration, or if you would like to be introduced to CGEF, please contact us at [email protected]