Human Resources Council

Chair: Jackie Belisle, Weatherford Canada Ltd.
Staff Contacts: Lyndi LawsonGurpreet Lail


Next meeting: Early 2024 (Date/Time TBD via Videoconferencing)


Council Objectives:

  1. Monitor and keep Enserva member companies aware of industry-wide changes and government-regulated changes impacting human resource programs.
  2. Provide a vehicle for Enserva member companies to participate in a salary and benefits survey of the service, supply and manufacturing industry.
  3. Monitor and provide input to government on human resource related legislation and regulation.
  4. Interact with other Enserva councils where activities or programs require.

Enserva Human Resources Council – State of the Industry Scorecard

Enserva HR Council members have indicated a desire for a “HR State of Industry” report to provide to their senior executives that would present HR metrics as reported by other Enserva member companies and support current trends or facts such as, for example, widespread difficulties in hiring workers with the required skills and the length of time it might take.

Enserva has created a survey to gather this data, in order to produce this “industry scorecard” for the benefit of members.

This scorecard, which is produced several times throughout the year, provides Enserva-aggregated statistics, and is distributed only to member companies who provide data. Those who receive this report from Enserva are instructed to not share the report or its contents outside of their own organization.

The scorecard provides valuable insight into the current state of the HR situation across industry.

No identifiable information is disclosed by Enserva, either on the Scorecard or by any other means, although a list of participating member companies is included to provide the reader with a sense of the data sources. Only one survey submission from each member company is accepted and reflected in the scorecard.

For more information about the Scorecard, please contact Carole Brownlees at

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