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RGE Solutions
Now more than ever the markets are continuously changing, and data provides the foundation for making strategic corporate decisions to target the highest potential projects.
RGE Solutions is pleased to offer our 2021 Sales & Market Intelligence Report Package compiled by Patrick Enwright. The package provides a total of 61 reports including bi-weekly facilities and wells drilled reports, annual capex by producer by area and many more.
From a subscriber, “The reports are insightful and contain a wealth of info. We’ve used the info to generate significant leads.”

Member discount:

As a partner with Enserva, we are pleased to offer $500 off the annual subscription rate, bringing the total to $2000, or just $32 per report.
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Industrial Info Resources

With global headquarters in Sugar Land, Texas, Industrial Info Resources (IIR) has research and sales offices in 17 locations throughout the world. Our staff researches in more than 59 languages, and is available 24/7 around the globe to answer your sales, marketing, and research questions.

We are the leading provider of global market intelligence specializing in the industrial process, heavy manufacturing and energy markets. We are tracking more than $14 trillion in active project spending.

Industrial Info’s quality-assurance philosophy, the Living Forward Reporting Principle™, provides up-to-the-minute intelligence on what’s happening now, while constantly keeping track of future opportunities.

Visit us online to see our full line of products at, and follow IIR on LinkedIn.

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Turnstone Strategy

Enserva is pleased to advise that Turnstone Strategy will offer Enserva members the opportunity to Pilot their services for a period of three months, as opposed to their normal 12-month agreement, at a substantially reduced rate.

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If you would like to take them up on their offer of a Pilot, please let us know ( and we will provide you with a special code in order to be eligible.