Remote Workforce Lodgings Council

Chair: Mike Ridley, Black Diamond Group Limited.
Staff Contacts: Pat Hufnagel-SmithGurpreet Lail


The Enserva Remote Workforce Lodgings Council represents the interests of the Canadian workforce accommodation sector to governments, its clients and customers, the oil and gas industry as a whole, Indigenous peoples, and other stakeholders.

Council Objectives: 

  1. To provide a forum for members to discuss current issues of the workforce accommodation sector.
  2. To monitor media for attention to and public perception of the workforce accommodation sector, both negative and positive.
  3. To develop strategies to address negative media related to “man-camps” such as tools and policies that demonstrate the responsible operations of members.
  4. To monitor and keep Enserva member companies aware of government legislation, regulation, sector programs, operating, and safety standards impacting the workforce accommodation sector.
  5. To work with and make representations on the workforce accommodation sector to governments; oil and gas companies and their trade associations; Indigenous community representatives, and other relevant stakeholders.
  6. To monitor and keep member companies aware of industry-wide changes and stakeholder consultations with respect to legislation and regulations affecting the workforce accommodation sector.
  7. To make representations to and coordinate activities with the Petroleum Services Association of Canada.

For more information or to join this council, please email Pat at